A new dress for my website … and thoughts on net “sociality”

Today I released a new version of the UCCI.IT website: a new, responsive, graphic format which has a nice display on all devices, from the standard desktop PC to the smartphones, and a complete revision and re-organization of the material.

This lead me to think again about what it means to be on-line, to divulge information about ourselves to the internet world, which by now is a big part of the real world.

I do not really know the answer to this question, I just see that we keep changing the way in which we use the internet as a tool to communicate. This is related to the introduction of new or improved technologies, but also to the current trends: a few years ago we were all for websites, then for blogs, after that for social networks (which are still really going strong) but recently I found myself going back to the very old, almost pre-internet, email-list technology. I hear friends say that they have almost closed down their website and/or their blog, others who have left the social networks, others who do not use email anymore but only a chat App on their smartphones. It seems to me that we are confused, or, at least, I am confused.

I close with the following personal notes that I wrote a couple of years ago:

Dilemma: air my ideas on the cyberspace, get friends and followers or keep it all to myself and the occasional (voice) chat?

Where does privacy end and community begin?