Managing a Large ICT Implementation is Hard

Recently there have been quite some news about failed large ICT projects, starting from the Obamacare rollout and so on. One of the latest news is that Bridgestone is suing IBM for fraud for $600 Million over a failed IT implementation (see here for details).

We know since at least 20 years that large ICT projects are hard and that quite often they fail, at least as far as they do not deliver what has been agreed at the beginning. (A very easy and often adopted way of guaranteeing that an ICT project is succesful, is to change the its requirements and goals at the end.)

What seems new to me is the fact that the news about these failures are becoming more and more public, probably because they affect more and more people, and that someone is starting to complain, in this case to the point that the customer thinks that there has been a fraud against him.

Actually this trend could help the ICT business in the long run, since it will force us to learn how to manage large ICT projects and implementations and to produce (at last) higher quality ICT software products.