News of the week

Some news of this week that caught my eye:

  • A claim for a new “indestructible” rootkit: BadBIOS: true or advertisement? See here.
  • Lavabit and Silent Circle join forces in the Dark Mail Alliance to create a really secure end-to-end email service. See here.
  • Amazon will build a 600M USD cloud for the CIA, IBM is not too happy about that… See here.
  • Bitcoin “crisis” and the advent of Litecoin, what is it going on in the world of online currencies? See here for a report and here for the latest news.

Linkedin Intro-duces Intro

Linkedin has introduced a service called Intro for the moment for Iphone users. Here are some details about it.

I am very puzzled by the “How it works” details, and in particular for all possible kind of issues with the possible use of private, personal or company information. Here there are some relevant arguments against this new service which are worth reading and considering.